Mikołaj Przybyła

I'm the COO of GL Optic, where we manufacture, distribute and support professional light measurement systems - from single LEDs to comprehensive luminaire testing, for a broad array of industries and applications. I'm a member of the CIE Poland and the IESNA. I graduated of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan with MA degree in Marketing Management from the faculty of Law and Administration. I also hold a post graduate diploma in Lighting Technology, as well as Plastics and Rubber Processing from Poznań University of Technology.

Stream 02
15:45 - 17:20
Montag, 22.03.2021
Poster Session

[Poster B] Aktuelles zur Lichtmesstechnik


Alexander Gaertner
M. Sc. Timm Baumann
Thorsten Gerloff
Mikołaj Przybyła
Dr. Inga Rothert
Markus Katona
Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach
M.Sc. Sravan Shelam
Prof. Dr. Steffen Reichel
Laura Ulm
Robert Maass
Dr. Johana Bernasconi
Silke Appelhans
Dr. Hans Laschefski