M.Sc. Rafael Lazar

Rafael Lazar completed his Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Psychology at Justus Liebig University Giessen, supervised by Dr. Manuel Spitschan (University of Oxford) working at the intersection of vision and non-visual effects of light. To answer the question what drives pupil size in the real world, he is combining novel technology to measure spectral irradiance in the near-corneal plane with wearable eye trackers to measure pupil size across a wide range of naturalistic conditions.
As a PhD student at the University of Basel he is now investigating non-visual effects of light in Teenagers, differences in melanopsin sensitivity and how light adaptation influences subsequent melatonin inhibition and sleep.

Stream 01
11:15 - 12:50
Mittwoch, 24.03.2021
Panel Session

[10] Licht: Wahrnehmung und Wirkung I


Dr. Oliver Stefani
Mag. Dominik Alder
M.Sc. Rafael Lazar
Dr. Martine Knoop