Jan Denneman

Jan Denneman is Founder and Chairman of the Board at Good Light Group as well as Honorary Ambassador Global Lighting Association.
The Good Light Group is a non-profit organization which promotes Good Light indoors. Good light is natural daylight or electric light with comparable positive effects on people health and well-being. Good light helps synchronizing our biological clock, enhances the quality of sleep at night, fitness during day time and mood.
More than 40 years of experience in executive roles in sustainability, innovation and business development. Leading innovation and marketing roles at Philips Lighting (now Signify) during the industry transition to LED and Intelligent Lighting Systems.
Founded several international consortia, like the Global Lighting Association, Zhaga, the Connected Lighting Alliance and LightingEurope. President Global Lighting Association 2007 – 2017, President LightingEurope 2013-2017.


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09:50 - 10:50
Dienstag, 23.03.2021
Panel Session

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Jan Denneman
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